Doctor and Patient


Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced professionals.  Working with each other and with our healthcare providers, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our patients.

Raji Kumar

Raji Kumar, a true community advocate. Ms. Kumar has dedicated her life to help various communities in need by creating a unique patient-focused approach through healthcare facilitation and leadership development.


"We are proud to serve a broad and diverse patient population. This is thanks to our extraordinary and deeply committed team of healthcare providers and so many others who dedicate every day to improving and advancing the health and well-being of people of all ages."

Susan Popp

"I love this area and the people who played a part in the journey of not only my life, but those of my husband and children.  We were all raised in Hill County and I want to help take care of the people who have been a part of our lives.  The friends, family, teachers, and church members should be able to receive compassionate, quality care in our community.  I want to be a part of that and give back to our community."

Catana Villarreal

"The new era of Hill Regional Hospital is looking bright. I can honestly say for the first time in many years everyone at Hill Regional has the same vision of providing safe and compassionate care for our community. Our local physicians returning to the hospital – some of whom I have had the pleasure of working with for over 20 years – has been such a huge win for us. Working side-by-side physicians who you know you can trust makes our jobs so much easier; something that the hospital staff has missed so much. You can feel the excitement in the air when walking through the hospital."

Sanjay Bala

"My goal is to ensure that we keep the care of Hillsboro at Hill Regional Hospital. Understand the needs of the community from a health care perspective and communicate our plan of servicing their needs and  build an effective and efficient hospital that can deliver great patient care. Build a strong relationship with the Physicians and ensure that we provide them with Tools that will help them take care of their patients more effectively."

Hill Regional Hospital


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