About Us


Hill Regional Hospital is YOUR community healthcare provider. As a rural hospital, we are designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH).

As a Critical Access Hospital, Hill Regional serves as the heart of this community’s acute and outpatient health care, as well as providing emergency services. When needed, those living in a rural community such as ours can receive referrals to larger facilities, primary care for injuries and illnesses, and outpatient care for diagnostic lab tests at Critical Access Hospitals.

Our hospital has expanded our facility and our services to better serve you. With upgraded equipment, more staff, and a commitment to providing the best healthcare to you, we want you to feel safe when you come here. Many more specialists are now serving Hill County, allowing you to stay home for your care.

Inside the Hill Regional Hospital campus, our specialty suites offer comprehensive pain management, psychiatric services, neurosurgery services, and specialty physicians in allergy and asthma, urology, dermatology, oncology, gynecology and heart, and vascular disease. Additionally, American Star Pharmacy is located on the campus as well, offering specialty drugs as part of their inventory. The Ascension Providence doctors provide family medicine and obstetrics services and are located in the Medical Office Building. Within the Ascension group, Doctor Wesley Marshall serves as Chief of Staff of the hospital, and Doctors James Earhart, Jeremiah Seely & Jonathan Seale serve as hospitalists.

Rural hospitals increase local access and allow patients to focus on “getting better” rather than “getting to appointments.” Through connectivity and collaboration, rural hospitals are large enough to serve our community’s health needs, but we are small enough to care for you individually.

We believe in the power of the people to create great care. We are dedicated to exceeding patient expectations while delivering compassionate, quality care. And we work hard every day to be that place of healing, caring, and connection for patients and families in the community we call home.